Unfortunately, as a result of the restrictions arising from the CoviD-19 pandemic, it is not currently possible to update the KonSULT website. It is being maintained as a teaching resource and for practitioners wishing to use its Measure and Package Option Generators and its Policy Guidebook. Practitioners wishing to use it, should do so on the clear understanding that recent experience on existing and new policy measures has not been incorporated.

The Single Measure Option Generator: scoring

The scoring for the individual measure option generator uses the eleven point scales in the information on individual measures and normalises them to a range from -1 to +1.  The scores used come from the following sections of the information:

  • area type: from the Appropriate Contexts table under Policy Contribution
  • objectives: from the Contribution to Objectives table under Policy Contribution (where several scores are given for different case studies, an average score is used)
  • problems: from the Contribution to Problems table under Policy Contribution (where several scores are given for different case studies, an average score is used)
  • indicators: based on the score for the problem to which the indicator applies
  • strategies: from the Strategies table under First Principles (note: these tables are to be added in late 2014).

The algorithm used for determining the score is:

Scorem = 100 * AreaTypem * Objectivem * Strategym

where m is the measure of concern. Objectivem can be replaced by Problemm  or Indicatorm to reflect the user’s preference.

The area type score is a score from 0 to 1, determined by the value of the five point scale for suitability of the measure for the area of interest specified by the user.  Thus if the user specifies an interest in the city centre, and a measure scores four (out of five) for applicability to the city centre, the measure’s score in this context is 0.8.

The objective (or problem or indicator) score is derived as:

Objectivem = ΣWoOm

where Wo is the weight (rating from 1 to 5) given to Objective O by the user, normalised so that ΣWo = 1, and Om is a score from -1 to +1 determined by the value of the eleven point scale for the performance of the measure against that objective.  The strategy score is determined in the same way as the objective score, using the weights (ratings) given to different strategies by the user and an eleven point score for the contribution of a measure to a strategy.

The resulting scores out of 100 are rounded to the nearest integer.