Unfortunately, as a result of the restrictions arising from the CoviD-19 pandemic, it is not currently possible to update the KonSULT website. It is being maintained as a teaching resource and for practitioners wishing to use its Measure and Package Option Generators and its Policy Guidebook. Practitioners wishing to use it, should do so on the clear understanding that recent experience on existing and new policy measures has not been incorporated.

What do the scores mean?

The score against any individual measure, or complementary pair of measures, or package, is an arbitrary value normally in the range 0 – 100. Occasionally negative scores are generated where a measure has an adverse effect on the chosen objectives or problems. The scores are designed to be able to be compared within a given output list, to give a broad indication of the relative contribution of different measures. So a list which gave, for example:

  • Land use to support public transport                                       85
  • Accident remedial measures                                                   83
  • Cycle networks                                                                      72
  • Regulatory restrictions                                                           69
  • Road user charging                                                                51

would suggest that land use to support public transport and accident remedial measures were similar in their impact on the specified context; that cycle networks and regulatory restrictions were again similar in their impact, but both less effective than the first two; and that road user charging was substantially less effective than these first four measures.

The ranges for the scores are determined by the user's specification of ratings of objectives and strategy. A single objective rated 5 (very important) will generate high scores for those measures which perform well against that objective. A set of, say, five objectives with ratings ranging from 5 to 1 will generate lower scores, since even if a measure performs well against a low rated objective its score will be brought down by that rating. This can be seen in the fuller explanation: Single Measure Option Generator: scoring.

This means that it is not wise to compare scores between lists for different contexts. See How can I compare results?

It is similarly the case that the lists generated by the Complementary Measures and Packages Option Generators should not be compared with those generated for a different context.  Here the scores are also influenced by the way in which contributions to the reduction of barriers and the achievement of synergy are calculated, for both complementary measures and packages.